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Vanli's Temporary Tattoo Markers, Removable Tattoo Kit with 6 Tattoo Pens and 30 Tattoo Stencil Papers


  • 🦚BOLD VIVID COLORS: Each Temporary Tattoo Pen contains 0.07fl oz of high quality temporary tattoo ink. Tattoo kits come in vibrant black, red, blue and green colors-a great tattoo kit for beginners.
  • 🦚SAFE FOR USE ON SKIN: Our fake tattoo ink is made from non toxic pigment from plants and complies with ASTM and US cosmetic standards. This product is not to be used on lips, eyes or sensitive skin. In case of skin discomfort, wash off with soap and water and discontinue use.
  • 🦚INGREDIENTS: Sodium sulfate, water, sodium carbonate, sodium lignosulfonate, titanium dioxide, CI pigment black 5, Pigment red F5R.
  • 🦚SHOW YOUR BODY ART: Express yourself with a variety of tattoo stencil papers included in the pack. Choose from 30 unique designs. Enough for friends and family to join in the fun
  • 🦚SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our tattoo markers are good quality and you will be delighted with its' performance. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, please return for a full refund.

Details: ✍️Vanli's temporary tattoo markers are skin safe non-permanent skin and face paint markers suitable for body art. Quickly and conveniently make beautiful skin art from our collection of tattoo pens and stencils. Follow all directions and warnings on the label. Additional Ingredients in the markers include CI pigment Black 5, Pigment Red F5R, CI Pigment Yellow 1, Brown FK, White, CI Pigment Blue 15, Yellow 5. Warnings: Store away from direct sunlight. In case of eye contact, flush with large amounts of water. In case of Inhalation, move the individual to fresh air. When ingested, give the victim 2 glasses of water. Seek medical attention as needed. Do Not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Each product contains 4 temporary tattoo pens. Skin Safe, Great for Kids, Women and Men.

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